It all starts with an insight derived from various data sources. Whether it is the brand, the market, the target group or something completely different, it is always the insight that guides strategy: the central starting point from which everything else follows. Our insight department possesses experience and a strategic height that guarantees solid preparatory work for the planning of our customers’ campaigns.

Project Management

Our project managers lead the planning process and develop strategies based on the insights from the preparatory work. They then coordinate the specialist teams in planning the campaigns, whether they are designed to build brand, drive sales or both. With in-depth knowledge in marketing and experience from various industries and advertisers, they are responsible for the whole process from planning to a final campaign delivery.


TV has long been the basis for nationwide brand-building campaigns, and even though viewership is changing at a rapid pace, TV, like radio, is still very much a viable channel. Our broadcast offer is based on consolidated negotiation for dozens of brands, which gives us the opportunity to push prices and locate effect where it is best delivered.


Traditional media such as magazines, newspapers and OOH are still part of the media ecosystem and used correctly they can deliver effect with reach as well as affinity. We have extensive experience in both planning and negotiation and we constantly keep an eye on the market as consumption patterns change and platforms are digitized.


Social media is central to our daily digital lives. This is where we build and manage our own personal platforms and networks and consume both news and user-generated content. We see social media as channels for both brand building and tactical sales, and we have expertise in purchased as well as owned and earned spaces.


Through advanced DSP:s and access to first- and third-party data, our programmatic offer helps us reach the right customers with the right message at the right time, gain complete control over all media investments and control hundreds of ad purchases at the same time. We work closely with media and technology suppliers to achieve the best possible effect based on the client’s and the campaign’s changing conditions and KPI:s. Our programmatic offer includes Online Display, Web TV, Digital Radio and digital OOH billboards.


Media and the right placements are of utmost importance for a campaign’s effect and efficiency, but equally crucial is what you communicate. Content has become even more important as media consumption increasingly happens on the recipient’s terms. The modern consumer holds relevance and entertainment value in higher regard than ever before. We at TBS can ensure that the quality of the content produced is up to standards, whether it entails native advertising, influencer collaborations or more traditional ads.


WO, or Web Optimization, includes disciplines such as SEO and SEM, tracking and analysis, website auditing and content production. Our experienced specialists are constantly at the forefront of a changing digital landscape and guide our customers through the various steps that together must be optimized to form as strong a chain as possible.

Analysis & Evaluation

Planning and implementing a campaign on the right platforms aimed towards the right target groups is the first step, but equally as important is to gain insights from what delivered results and what didn’t. In addition to the ongoing optimization of campaigns, our team delivers in-depth analyzes and campaign evaluations that lay the foundation for future marketing activities.

Sara Widegren, Marknadschef/vVD Folkpool AB

“TBS complements our own market organization in a very good way. The choice of media is made with great professionalism in combination with sensitivity to our views and local needs. They are always ready to help, answer questions and give advice. We really feel we have found the right partner.

Mischa Moszkowicz, Marknadschef, Mestergruppen

“TBS is more than just a media agency. They are an important communications partner who challenges us every day. It is always as important to them as it is to us that our brand continuously to develop. That sentiment is genuine. ”

Stina Klaesson, VD, Åhléns Outlet

“Our collaboration with TBS works very well, and is always both easy and quick. Just as it should be with a partner. “

Matteo Poropat, Grundare, Pressa

“At Pressa, we push prices for all companies in Sweden. That is why we have chosen TBS as our media agency. We know that they always do their utmost to push prices for us when we advertise in media ”.

Noah Lindgren, Digital Marketing Specialist, JULA

“TBS is a reliable partner that we feel is flexible and always strives for us to succeed with our marketing. They often come up with their own suggestions for us to be visible to our customers and are very service-minded when last minute changes are happening”.

Lena Hillstedt, Marknadschef, Granngården

“Our collaboration with TBS has grown year by year and based on their knowledge of us and our market, they are more of a colleague to us than an external partner. A colleague with whom we can share most everything and who I know always puts us first ”.

Karin Haglund, Project manager, The Bond

“When you collaborate with TBS, you are always treated in a welcoming and professional manner. Feedback and deliveries are always smooth and quick”.

Åsa Davidsson, Vice VD, HusmanHagberg

“We have worked with TBS for many years and always received good advice and excellent service. They are responsive, flexible and competent.”