These have been our three cornerstones since TBS was founded in 1991. Obviously, much has changed since then, but at the same time a lot precisely as it used to be.

Although the emergence of new types of media, radical shifts in consumption and an increasing market fragmentation require updated skills, the craft is in many ways unchanged.

At TBS, we believe that fundamental insights about brand, market and media still best guide strategy, which in turn determines implementation and purchase of media. We believe that the full picture needs to take precedence over individual parts and that the broader perspective wins over a narrower focus.

We believe that no chain is stronger than its weakest link, and that no single component can ever be better than the preparatory work done to guide it. That is why we always start with the core – the insight work and scope definition – which leads us to the strategy that in turn culminates in the realization of an effective and efficient campaign in the media. A campaign that gets noticed and truly influences its audience.

Olle Borgstav


Sara Widegren, Marknadschef/vVD Folkpool AB

“TBS complements our own market organization in a very good way. The choice of media is made with great professionalism in combination with sensitivity to our views and local needs. They are always ready to help, answer questions and give advice. We really feel we have found the right partner.

Mischa Moszkowicz, Marknadschef, Mestergruppen

“TBS is more than just a media agency. They are an important communications partner who challenges us every day. It is always as important to them as it is to us that our brand continuously to develop. That sentiment is genuine. ”

Stina Klaesson, VD, Åhléns Outlet

“Our collaboration with TBS works very well, and is always both easy and quick. Just as it should be with a partner. “

Matteo Poropat, Grundare, Pressa

“At Pressa, we push prices for all companies in Sweden. That is why we have chosen TBS as our media agency. We know that they always do their utmost to push prices for us when we advertise in media ”.

Noah Lindgren, Digital Marketing Specialist, JULA

“TBS is a reliable partner that we feel is flexible and always strives for us to succeed with our marketing. They often come up with their own suggestions for us to be visible to our customers and are very service-minded when last minute changes are happening”.

Lena Hillstedt, Marknadschef, Granngården

“Our collaboration with TBS has grown year by year and based on their knowledge of us and our market, they are more of a colleague to us than an external partner. A colleague with whom we can share most everything and who I know always puts us first ”.

Karin Haglund, Project manager, The Bond

“When you collaborate with TBS, you are always treated in a welcoming and professional manner. Feedback and deliveries are always smooth and quick”.

Åsa Davidsson, Vice VD, HusmanHagberg

“We have worked with TBS for many years and always received good advice and excellent service. They are responsive, flexible and competent.”